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Iurii Vorovskoi


About me


Specialty: forestry engineer, forest pathologist.

He was born in Maykop, Republic of Adygea, Russian Federation.

2007 - graduated from the ecological faculty of Maykop State Technological University. Worked in different organizations.

2017 - 2020 - worked in the non-profit organization "Private Institution "Institute of Regional Biological Research" as an environmental engineer (participated in the WWF Russia "People-Nature" project).

2017-present – member of the Council of the Adygea Regional Branch of the All-Russian Society for Nature Protection.

2018 – became a member of the Council of the political party "Russian Environmental Party "Zelenye"

2018 – candidate for deputy in the elections of the Council of People's Deputies of Municipal Education "City of Maykop".

2020 - published a co-authored article in the report of the World Heritage Service (WHW)

2020 - published a co-authored article in the Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center (No. 2, 2020)

2020 – founder a non-profit organization "Private Institution "Institute of Heritage".

2020 – to the present – member of the Sochi Branch of the Russian Geographical Society.

2021 – to the present – Chairman of the Council of the Regional Branch in the Republic of Adygea of the Russian Environmental Party "ZELENYE".

2021 - completed training at the All-Russian Institute for Advanced Training of Managers and Forestry Specialists under the program: "Organization and Conduct of Forest Pathological Surveys".

2021 - awarded the badge of honor of the All-Russian Society for the Protection of Nature "For the Protection of the Nature of Russia"

2024 – founder of the International Inclusive Heritage Center LLC

2024 – founder of the international non-governmental organization Heritage Institute Corporation

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